College Administration

Name Ext. Title Department
Tibbits, John 3500
President President’s Office
Vice-Presidents/Executive Deans
Name Ext. Title Department
Becks, Darren 3499 Associate Vice-President Operations
Boscart, Veronique 2964 Executive Dean School of Health & Life Sciences
Executive Director Schlegel Centre for Advancing Seniors Care
Buuck, Christine 3675 Associate Vice-President Academic Administration and International Education
Fennessy, Barbara 7103 Vice-President Applied Research and Entrepreneurship
Hallam, Gary 3245 Executive Dean Schools of Business and Hospitality & Culinary Arts
Kelly, Barbara 2217 Vice-President Academic / Student Affairs and Human Resources
Osborne, Paul 3419 Associate Vice-President Marketing and Community Relations
Reitsma, Jacinda 2220 Vice-President Finance and Corporate Services
Schelling, Sandra 3221 Executive Dean Workforce Development, Continuing Education and Online Learning
Schenk, Shelley 3333 Associate Vice-President Human Resources
St-Maurice, Justin
Associate Vice-President
Information Technology
Thoma, Tony
3212 Executive Dean Engineering & Technology, Trades & Apprenticeship and Institute of Food Processing
Vukelich, Goranka 3393 Executive Dean School of Community Services
Weigel-Green, Trish 2335 Associate Vice-President Student Affairs
Name Ext. Title Department
Abraham, Mike 3273 Director Information Technology Services
Bradley-McMurtrie, Kirsty 3514 Director Safety and Security
Brillinger, Kathryn 3897 Director Teaching & Learning
Cassidy, Brenda 3336 Director Corporate Communications & Government Relations
Couto, Anita 3698 Director International Enrolment & Operations
Crawford, Linda 3412 Associate Director Work-Integrated Learning Support Services
Cross, Stephen 7115 Director Applied Research & Entrepreneurship
Dawson, Kristine 3438 Director Co-operative Education, Career Services & WIL
Fila, Jeff 3381 Director Academic Initiatives and Special Projects
Gibbins, Timothy 7117 Associate Director Research Engagement
Heyer, Michelle
3103 Director
Schlegel Centre for Advancing Seniors Care
Hoover, Janeen
3705 Director Registrarial Services
Jordan, Gail 2456 Associate Director Corporate Training & Special Projects
Knight, Alice 3744 Director Academic Scheduling & Planning
Kolenko, Ignac 7102 Director Centre for Smart Manufacturing
Koster, Lisa 3289 Director Academic Innovation
Lagrotteria, Jen 2370 Director Online Learning
Lartigue, Patti 2491 Director Marketing
Lipton-Bos, Bonnie 2269 Director Student Success Services
Mastnak, Rose 3812 Director Centre for Entrepreneurship
Mathers, Shawn 3459 Director Development
McDonald-Ewing, Norma 3612 Director Employee Engagement & Development
Phelps, Connie 2746 Director Institutional Research & Planning
Plavsa, Manda 3032 Director Library Services
Poste, Greg
Construction Services
Schill, Tim
3211 Senior Director Facilities
Tetlow, Fiona 3395 Director Budgeting and Reporting
Tryon, Sherri 5604 Associate Director Employer Engagement & Career Centre
Watson, Brian 3747 Director Magna Centre for Supply Chain Excellence
Webb, Helena 3248 Director Office of the President
Yazdani, Amin 2338 Director Canadian Institute for Safety, Wellness & Performance
Deans and Chairs
Name Ext. Title Department
Banham, Rachel 3831 Chair Trades & Apprenticeship (Doon/Ingersoll)
Barichello, Anna
Associate Chair
Institute of Online Studies
Boesch, James 3031 Chair Business
Brandt, Samantha 2503 Associate Chair Nursing Post-Grad Programs
Brown, Crystal 2178 Chair Conestoga Language Institute
Cain, Karen 2244 Chair Engineering & Technology
Cross, Heather 3434 Chair Nursing
Edwards, Jim 5285
Chair Applied Computer Science & IT
Finch, Paul 2395 Chair Health Sciences
Garcia, Luis 2475 Chair Institute of Food Processing Technology
Gleiser, Amy 2804 Chair Business
Grimes, Michelle 3866 Chair Business
Guindi, Rafik 4618 Chair Engineering & Technology
Hessian, Rosie 2429 Chair Community Outreach, Pathways & Youth Engagement
Hustwitt, Adam
Jean, Joni
6151 Chair Trades & Apprenticeship (Guelph)
Karbasi, Hamid 7106 Industrial Research Chair Engineering & Information Technology
Kell, Tanya 2483 Chair Access Programs
Lipskie, Shannon 3382 Associate Chair Community Services
McGlashan, Sheila 2399 Chair
Workforce Development & Part-time Studies
Monk, Curt 3344 Chair Informatics & Life Sciences
Moyer, Suzanne 5234 Chair Trades & Apprenticeship
Müller, Keith 5274 Chair Hospitality & Culinary Arts
Mustin, Marvin
Community Safety
Oakes, Jeff
6191 Chair Trades & Apprenticeship
O'Toole, Cathy 3603 Chair Human Services
Pottier, Sarah 3922 Chair PSW & Supportive Care
Premsukh Singh, Lil 2387 Chair Part-time Studies - Business
Ryall, Heather 2320 Chair Creative Industries
Salehi, Pejman 3251 Dean
Applied Computer Science & Information Technology, and Creative Industries
Schmitz, Andrew 2319 Chair Liberal Studies
Sheiban, Linda 2696 Associate Research Chair Schlegel Centre for Advancing Seniors Care
Speers, Stephen 7307 Chair Workforce Development & Partnerships – Trades
Stoicoiu, Calin 3297 Chair Engineering & Technology
Tal, Oded 2553 Chair Business