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Name Adriana Machado Casali
School Media and Design
Program Bachelor of Public Relations (Honours)
Academic and Professional Designations

Doctoral Degree (Production Engineering)  

ABD (Communication)  

MA (Business Administration) 

Post-graduate specialization (Marketing) 

Bachelor (Business Administration and Foreign Trade) 

Bachelor (Public Relations and Communication)
Title Professor
Courses Taught
  • Introduction to Business with International Applications BUS71190 
  • Organizational Behaviour for Communication Professionals PRLN73050 
  • Media, Culture and Communications Theory COMM71830 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility MGMT74020 
  • Employee Communications COMM74000
Areas of Expertise & Interest

Interfaces between public relations and organizational communication 

Constitutive approaches to organizational communication 

Internationalization strategies
Industry Experience, Professional Currency Activities

Member of the Academy of Management; member of the International Communication Association 

Public relations advisor for non-for-profit organizations 

Experienced in directing students in both graduate and undergraduate research, internships, volunteer activities and special projects
Major Research Projects, Scholarly Activities, and/or Publications

Authored 7 chapters in edited books 

Published 8 research articles in peer reviewed journals 

Presented more than 20 papers in academic conferences 

Review submissions to academic conferences and journals such as Management Communication Quarterly (Sage Journals, eISSN: 15526798; ISSN: 0893-3189) and the Brazilian Administration Review (ANPAD, eISSN 1807-7692)
Additional Information I strive to close perceived gaps between theory and practice. I endeavor to show students how abstract and critical thinking helps practitioners excel. 

have been helping learners improve their analytical skills, giving them tools to overcome the challenges they face in a fast-paced communication environment.  I am highly committed to academic achievement and student success.

 Adriana Machado Casali
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