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Name Alimohammad Tehrani
School School of Engineering & Information Technology
Program Bachelor of Engineering - Electronic Systems Engineering
Academic and Professional Designations
  • Ph.D. , System Design engineering 

  • M.Sc. , Electrical Engineering (Telecommunications) 

  • B.Sc.,  Electrical Engineering (Telecommunications)

Title Professor
Courses Taught
  • Advanced Digital design 

  • Object Oriented programming 

  • Operating Systems Fundamentals 

  • Real-Time Operating Systems 

  • System Application Development 

  • Microwaves 

  • Electronics I 

  • Computer Architecture 

  • Advanced Topics in Math 

  • Control Systems 

  • Telecommunication and Signal Processing 

  • Electronics II 

  • Graphical User Interface Design 

  • Reconfigurable Computing 

  • Programming I

Areas of Expertise & Interest
  • Machine Intelligence 

  • Multi-agent Systems 

  • Signal Processing 

  • System Modeling and Simulation 

  • Machine Vision 

  • Embedded Systems 

  • Sensor Design 

  • RF Engineering

Industry Experience, Professional Currency Activities
  • (1994-1996) Project Engineer @ Iran Telecommunication Research Center 

  • (1998-2000) Project Engineer @ Agile Systems 

  • (2009-Present) CEO @  Balute Inc.

Major Research Projects, Scholarly Activities, and/or Publications


  • Behavior Arbitration Using a Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning Approach International Journal on Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing , 2004.
  • Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning for Embedded Soccer Agents in a Multiagent Context
    International Journal of Robotics and Automation, Special Issues on Agents meet Robots, 2004.
  • A Methodology for Specifying and Designing Behaviors for Mobile Robots
    In the
    proceedings of World Automation Congress, Seville, Spain, June 2004.
  • An Agent Oriented Simulation System for Soccer Playing Robots  In the proceedings of the 2nd FIRA Robot soccer world congress, Vienna, Austria, 2003. 
  • A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Behavior Arbitration  In the proceedings of the 2nd FIRA Robot soccer world congress, Vienna, Austria, 2003.
  • A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Online Learning in Control;
IEEE Proceedings of the 4th International Conferenceon    Control and Automation, Montreal, Canada 2003.
Additional Information I want to challenge my students to be strong academically while doing hands-on projects.  This will make them better problem-solvers and at the same time, prepare them to pursue higher education if they choose to.

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