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Name Julian M. Campisi
School Liberal Studies
Program Bachelor of Public Relations
Academic and Professional Designations

PhD Candidate, York University (Political Science) 

MA, University of British Columbia
Title Professor
Courses Taught

World Cultures (CULT 72000) 

Multiculturalism (LIBS 1580)
Areas of Expertise & Interest

International Political Economy 

International Relations 

Comparative Politics
Industry Experience, Professional Currency Activities Member:
Major Research Projects, Scholarly Activities, and/or Publications Publications:

  • ‘Social and Political Risks: Factors Affecting FDI in China’s Mining Sector’, 2016, Thunderbird International Business Review;
  • ‘Unfriendly or Unwanted? Reflections on FDI Attraction Policies in Italy’, 2016, Italian Review of Public Policy;
  • ‘Reconsidering Political Risk in Developed Economies’, 2016, Journal of Political Risk
Additional Information I enjoy applying my current research in a classroom setting to enhance the contemporary teaching experience and make connections to practical concepts.

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