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Name Mike Levy
School School of Health & Life Sciences and Community Services
Program Bachelor of Applied Health Information Science (Honours)
Academic and Professional Designations
  • PhD in Epidemiology, University of Guelph 
    Bachelor of Computing, Co-op, Honours with Distinction, University of Guelph 
  • Media Arts Co-op 3 Year Diploma, Sheridan College 
  • R Programming and Data Scientist Toolbox certifications.
Title Professor
Courses Taught
  • Database Concepts I, II, and II
  • Data Analysis
  • Epidemiology 
  • Health Informatics II
Areas of Expertise & Interest Research emphasis: improving health and economic outcomes through use of technology and data. Competencies include epidemiology, business intelligence, data management, and statistical analysis.
Industry Experience, Professional Currency Activities
  • 10 years of statistical and data consultingat Co-operators and University of Guelph
  • Strategic Advisor for Vassu Tech (health and technology consulting firm)
  • 5 years’ experience as an IT Manager
Major Research Projects, Scholarly Activities, and/or Publications

Levy, M. A., Dewey, C. E., Poljak, Z., Weersink, A., & Mutua, F. K. (2014). Comparing the operations and challenges of pig butchers in rural and peri-urban settings of western Kenya.African Journal of Agricultural,9(1), 125-136. 

Levy, M., Dewey, C., Weersink, A., Mutua, F., Carter, N., & Poljak, Z. (2014). Evaluating critical factors to the economic feasibility of semi-intensive pig rearing in western Kenya. Tropical animal health and production, 46(5), 797-808. 

Levy, M. A., Dewey, C., Weersink, A., Mutua, F., & Poljak, Z. (2013). Pig marketing and factors associated with prices and margins in Western Kenya. Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development, 2(10), 371-383.
Additional Information I invite industry collaboration, partnerships, and opportunities to facilitate classroom learning.

 Mike Levy
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