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Name Stephen Lin
School School of Liberal Studies
Program Bachelor of Interior Design
Bachelor of Electronic Systems Engineering
Academic and Professional Designations
  • PhD, Sociology (Western University, London ON) 
  • MA, Sociology (Western University, London ON)
  • BA, Sociology (Carleton University, Ottawa ON)
Title Professor
Courses Taught
  • SOC1030 (Introduction to Sociology) 

  • SOC41045 (Science, Technology & Society) 

  • LIBS 1680 (Introduction to World Cultures)  - Upcoming Semester (Sept – Dec 2016)

Areas of Expertise & Interest
  • Introduction to Sociology 

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods 

  • Aging in Society / Family Ties, Aging and Life Course 

  • International Migration / Gender and Migration 

  • Sociology of Health/Illness

Major Research Projects, Scholarly Activities, and/or Publications


Lin, S., & Bélanger, D. (2012). Negotiating the Social Family: Migrant Live-in Elder Care Workers in Taiwan. Asian Journal of Social Science, 40, 295-320. 



Lin, S. (2008). Socio-economic Gradient in Health: Do Age and Immigrant Status Matter? Poster Presentation. Annual Meeting of Canadian Association of Gerontology, London, ON, October 23. 


Lin, S. (2011). Practicing Care in Transnational Families: Vietnamese Domestic Carers’ Experiences in Taiwan. Paper presented at Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies Conference, Toronto, ON, October 14-15. 


Lin, S. & Bélanger, D. (2010). Foreign Migrant Live-in Elderly Care Workers in Taiwan. Paper presented at Canadian Asian Studies Association Conference, Ottawa ON. October 28-31.

Additional Information I enjoy having intellectual conversation with the students and encouraging tem to think creatively and critically. Maximizing students’ learning potentials is my priority in teaching I am an enthusiastic and goal-oriented educator.

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