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Conestoga’s commitment to excellence in programming and services prepares students for long-term success and supports community needs.

Conestoga’s graduate employment and satisfaction rates are consistently well above the provincial average and higher than those of colleges in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area. Almost 87 per cent of graduates were employed within six months of graduation in 2015-16; more than 81 per cent of graduates indicated that their college experience was useful in achieving their goals.  More than 90 per cent of employers indicated their satisfaction with newly hired Conestoga graduates.

Ongoing investment in student success initiatives continues to yield results in terms of increased graduation rates. The graduation rate has risen steadily over the last four years and is well above the provincial average. 

The graduation rate was 71.7 per cent in 2015-16.

The implementation of a formal, cross-college Program Quality Management framework supports continuous improvement. A Program Quality Assurance Process Audit (PQAPA, now known as College Quality Assurance Accreditation Process-CQAAP) conducted by external examiners in 2015-16 concluded that Conestoga is in full compliance with provincial standards and expectations for all areas assessed.

Conestoga’s co-op students contribute to the success of more than 1,000 employers and businesses each year.

Programs consistently meet or exceed requirements for professional accreditation.

Highlights for 2014-2017 include:

We focus on active learning with a strong emphasis on work-integrated learning components. Extensive connections with industry contribute to the strength and breadth of programming and provide work-integrated learning and applied research opportunities for students. 

Seventy per cent of full-time programs have a co-op stream or include formal work-integrated learning opportunities, including field experience, field placement, clinical placement and/or co-op placement. Work-integrated learning is augmented through additional experiential learning opportunities provided through hands-on, practical learning undertaken in simulation labs and through case study projects.

Conestoga’s commitment to the ongoing development of faculty and staff includes an annual employee conference focused on delivering excellence in education, skills development workshops held throughout the year, participation in the College Educator Development Program, and consultations with teaching and learning specialists. 

Quality | Objectives for 2017-2020

Continually improve programming through the ongoing implementation of quality assurance measures and processes.

We will focus on quality programming that supports student success and effectively addresses industry and community needs. Continued implementation of established quality assurance processes will contribute to the effectiveness of our programs, the success of our graduates and the satisfaction of their employers.

Support student achievement and success through the delivery of a full range of services in a secure and inclusive learning environment.

We will support student success and satisfaction through a comprehensive range of services that address the academic, cultural and social needs of learners from diverse backgrounds.

Develop career-ready graduates by building on our leadership in work-integrated, experiential and active learning.

We will continue to enhance opportunities for students to apply their skills and knowledge through the integration of learning activities that reflect real-world challenges and opportunities and prepare graduates for successful careers.

Foster the development of an effective and high-performing employee team. 

We will achieve our current and future goals through the recruitment and development of a qualified and talented employee team supported through ongoing professional and personal learning opportunities that result in enhanced skills, shared successes and an engaged college community.

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