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  1. I am not sure if I have already completed this training.

    The IASR training was launched this spring and is available only on-line. If you have been an employee at Conestoga, it is likely that you have already completed other AODA workshops in the past.

    Since it is on myConestoga the Organizational Development department is able to track workshop completions, though currently they do not appear on the employee portal (as is the case with other training).

  2. When I log in to myConestoga, I receive a message that access is forbidden.

    • If you logged in with your employee number to myConestoga, log in with your user name (e.g. jsmith)
    • If you are a brand new part-time employee (e.g. just approved your contract), it will take at least one business day to provide you with access
    • If neither of the above options apply to you, contact the IT Service Desk to ask them to reset your password
  3. When I open the IASR training, the module does not load. All I get is a blank PDF.

    There are a few options to consider

    • If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, try using Firefox
    • If you are using an older computer, try logging on at another computer
  4. I am able to view the Conestoga slides in the presentation however, when I click on the link to get to videos on Human Rights and the AODA, it does not work.

    If the link in the module does not work for you, try visiting the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) website.

  5. It seems like the answers for the last Human Rights and AODA quiz are incorrect.

    There is a glitch on the IASR site that results in all quiz answers coming up as incorrect. We have emailed the Ministry about the problem and hopefully it is fixed soon.

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