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Test Booking for Faculty

Five Easy Steps!

NEW this Fall! Accommodation letters will be automatically emailed to faculty as soon as the student is registered, on the first day of the semester or when the student updates an accommodation. Faculty will receive an email containing a link that takes them to the Accessibility Services Hub (Accommodation Tab) where they can view the list of students with accommodations by class, view the accommodation letters, and book tests.

Enter test dates the first day of the semester or a minimum of 14 days before the test is to be written for any course that appears in Clockwork. (Courses will only appear if an Accessibility Student is registered). If tests are scheduled for the first week of classes, call Accessibility Testing to notify us of test dates. We will make it possible for the student to book.

Test booking icon

To book a test, look for this new Accessibility Services Hub icon on MyConestoga OR

  1. Log into the Employee Portal to input test dates and times.
  2. Choose the Faculty Tab, select Accessibility Test Booking and then select it a second time. The Test Wizard will pop open. Click on Courses. Choose the correct session from the drop down box beside “Show term” and select the correct term and year.
    Select Tests and Exams beside the correct course name. Please follow the instructions and submit.
    Please note: The Students scheduled to-date screen will be blank until students book a test. You can return to this site to view student names up to 7 days prior to the test date. You will receive an email reminder with student names 6 days before the test date.
  3. Provide all test instructions on the Instructor Information page. For computer tests we require:
    • software versions,
    • exam account numbers, logins, passwords,
    • location of drive,
    • and files, if needed.
    Please ensure extra time has been added to the start/end of e-conestoga tests as needed.
  4. Upload the test 7 or more business days ahead or email the test 4 business days in an accessible word format. Please note that the portal will be closed after the 7th day for faculty and students. Please submit tests 14 or more days in advance for low vision/no vision/higher needs students as more preparation is required.
  5. Tests will be available for pickup from the Accessibility Testing office.

Paper Test Booking Request Forms (For BSCN and alternate date or time)

  1. Support students to book tests early or at least a minimum of 14 days before the test.
  2. Alternate dates need to be entered by the Accessibility Testing office.
  3. Complete the Test Booking Request Form when a student provides it to you.
  4. Return the pink and yellow copy to the student, so the student can book their test.
  5. Email the test in an accessible word format 4 or more business days ahead.

Changes to Bookings

Supplemental Exams


If you have any questions, please contact:

Accessibility Testing
Doon (Kitchener) Campus, Room 2A137, 519-748-5220 ext. 3161

Guelph Welcome Centre
Room A5, 519-824-9390 ext. 6156

Waterloo Campus Admin
Room 1C04, 519-885-0300 ext. 5224

Cambridge Campus AT Lab
Room A2219, 519-748-5220 ext. 4523

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