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Rights and Responsibilities

Upon registration, each student at Conestoga College becomes a member of the College community, which is composed of students, faculty and staff, as well as the Board of Governors of the College. Conestoga College attempts to provide for all students an environment that is conducive to academic endeavour, skills development, personal development and individual self-discipline. Enrolment at Conestoga College also requires from each student acceptance of, and conformity to, such rules and regulations as may be required by the College.


As guides for individual action within this community, the College affirms the following general principles of student rights and responsibilities.

  1. Each individual must accept responsibility for his/her own actions and values, and for recognizing that such actions and values reflect upon the whole community.
  2. Each person should endeavour to maintain self-conduct in a manner consistent with respect for others, a thoughtful consideration for the needs of the academic community and society in general.
  3. The educational function depends upon honesty, integrity and respect for the preservation, communication and pursuit of knowledge.
  4. Each person is encouraged to learn and practice the art of thoughtfully examining issues, expressing views both individually and as a group member, in a manner that is consistent with the educational purposes of the College.
  5. The College community recognizes the need for the development of personal ethics, and moral standards and philosophies. The members of this community should be committed to broad personal growth and development, realizing that each individual has both the freedom, and the obligation, to make ethical and moral choices, and to accept the attendant responsibilities.
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