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Protection of Human Rights Policy

Policy Application/Education

Properly Discharged Supervision/Evaluation

Supervisory, instructional and evaluation responsibilities which are properly carried out by managers, teachers or technologists do not constitute harassment.  Performance appraisals, evaluations, discipline and appropriate enforcement of high standards which are based on objective criteria are not contrary to this policy.

Fairness for All

The college recognizes its obligation to ensure that this policy and the procedures are fair and applied fairly.  The college is committed to deal quickly, fairly and effectively with harassment and discrimination.  Complainants should feel free to bring their complaints forward and those against whom allegations are made should have a full and fair opportunity to respond to those allegations.

Policy Application - Who?

The policy applies to all employees and students, Board of Governors members, members of committees, societies or associations established or recognized by the college, residence staff, contractors, providers of service or research, visitors or guests and applicants for admission or employment.

Contractual Relationships

All contractors providing services on College facilities on an ongoing basis are required to comply with this policy and the Ontario Human Rights Code, including co-operation in investigations.  Breach of this clause may result in penalties, cancellation, or debarment if a contractor is found in violation of this policy or the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Policy Application - Where?

Preventing Harassment and Discrimination - Education

Right to go Elsewhere

This policy provides an opportunity to deal with harassment and discrimination issues in a timely and fair manner.  All members of the college community are required to follow the policy and procedures.  Nothing in the policy is intended to prevent a complainant from using an alternate procedure, such as a collective agreement, the Human Rights Code, Criminal Code or legal action.


To the extent possible, where a complaint is substantiated, the college’s objective is to restore complainants to the position they would have been in had the discrimination not occurred.  A substantiated act of discrimination or harassment shall be cause for action by the college up to and including the possibility of discipline and/or discharge in the case of an employee or expulsion in the case of a student or contractual person.

Trivial, Frivolous, Vexatious Complaints Or Complaints Made In Bad Faith

Complaints which are found to be trivial, frivolous, vexatious or made in bad faith may result in action by the college against the complainant.  The severity of the action will be determined based on the seriousness and impact of the complaint.

Protection from Reprisal

In order to protect individuals who make use of this policy or participate in proceedings as part of the complaint procedure, the college prohibits reprisal or threat of reprisal against these individuals.  Any person who is found to have acted in, or threatened reprisal shall be subject to college action.

Special Initiatives

The college may, from time to time, implement a special initiative designed to relieve hardship or economic disadvantage or to assist disadvantaged persons or groups to achieve or attempt to achieve equal opportunity.  The protections from discrimination and harassment defined in this policy are not infringed if such an initiative is implemented.

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