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Protection of Human Rights Policy

Policy/Procedure Statement

Conestoga College

Approved by: Academic Coordinating Committee

Authorizer: Executive Director, Human Resources

Effective Date:  January 2005

Policy and Procedure Title:  Protection of Human Rights

Conestoga College is committed to provide a working and learning environment that is free of discrimination and harassment and supportive of academic achievement and the dignity, self-esteem and fair treatment of everyone taking part in its activities.  The college seeks to create a climate of mutual respect that reinforces opportunity and allows for each person to contribute fully to the development and well-being of the community.

The college recognizes its responsibility to ensure that every person in its community is protected from unlawful discrimination and harassment in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Any action or failure to act that results in harassment or discrimination on any of the grounds enumerated under the Code will not be tolerated by the college.

In the event that harassment or discrimination is alleged, every effort will be made to work with the people involved to find a fair and timely resolution of the matter.  It is recognized that the most effective way to deal with harassment and discrimination is through preventative action, including informing, educating and good management.

Scope:  The policy and procedure applies to all employees and students, Board of Governors members, members of committees, societies or associations established or recognized by the college, residence staff, contractors, providers of service or research, visitors or guests and applicants for admission or employment.

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