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Protection of Human Rights Policy

Responsibilities for the Policy Process

Human Rights Policy Coordinator (Coordinator)

The President of Conestoga College shall appoint a Coordinator.  The Coordinator will have an understanding and appreciation of human rights issues, experience coordinating policies or programs and excellent communications skills.  This person will have overall responsibility for the administration of this policy.  In addition, the Coordinator is responsible for:

In the event that the Coordinator has a direct involvement (complainant, respondent, witness or associate) with a complaint which is made under this policy, the college President shall appoint a suitable alternate for the purposes of dealing with the complaint.

Management Staff

Managers are responsible for providing advice and assistance to individuals involved in this policy process at the informal stages. The responsibilities of managers* include, but are not restricted to:

*Faculty and technologists
In their role as managers of the classroom or laboratory, faculty and technologists are responsible for providing advice and assistance to their students at the informal stages of the policy process.  This responsibility includes, but is not restricted to:


The investigator will be appointed by the Coordinator.  The investigator must be knowledgeable about harassment and discrimination issues, preferably relating to internal policies and must have experience conducting investigations of this type.  Any objections to the appointed investigator may be made by the parties within 5 business days of notification of appointment.  Only objections based on substantive issues such as conflict of interest or bias against a party will be considered.  The investigator may not be involved with any other part of the complaint process outside of providing information on the investigation results at the Vice President’s information meeting.

The investigator will advise whether, on a balance of probabilities, there is enough evidence to conclude that harassment occurred.

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