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Fitness Facilities

Weight Room

3 adjustable incline benches
2 adjustable incline to decline benches
over 3000 lbs in free weights
2 bench presses
Seated Calf Raise
Preacher Curl bench
Smith Machine
Squat Rack
Incline Leg Press
Hammer strength-bench press
Matrix-lower back

Cardio Room

8 Treadmills
3 Stair Masters 4000PT-Steppers
3 Precor Elliptical
3 Upright Life Cycles
4 Recumbent Life Cycles
Bosu Ball
4 Life Fitness Elliptical Trainers
2 Exercise Balls
1 Milage Spining Bike

First floor

Nautilus Room

Nautilus-overhead press
Nautilus-lateral raise
Nautilus-biceps curl
Nautilus-triceps extension
Nautilus-leg press
Nautilus-rotary torso
Nautilus-lower back
Nautilus-hip abduction/hip adduction

Precor-Multi-Station (4 stack) cable machine
Cybex-leg extension
Matrix-2 station cable machine
Matrix-leg curl
Nautilus-leg press
Vector Low Row Pulley(back)/lat Pulldown (back)
Matrix-Multi-Station (3 stack)
Stair Master-Gravitron
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Free Weights Cardio Weights Main Floor
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