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CNC Programming with CAD/CAM

Program Code:
Engineering & Information Technology
Accelerated Delivery:
Academic Year:
2017 / 2018

About the Program

This comprehensive CNC certificate program with MasterCAM and AutoCAD has been designed to prepare you for many careers in industry and machine shop environments. Upon successful completion of these courses, participants will be able to apply basic and advanced Computerized Numerical Control technology (CNC) applications. You will be introduced to many applications of AutoCAD and how they are used within CNC programming practices. Successful participants will be able to develop CNC programs for various CNC machines such as drills, mills, machining centers and lathes, using verifiable manual and computerized methods of part program preparation. This program will provide you with best practices used in programming industrial applications utilizing common problem solving and advanced programming techniques including macros.

Contact Information

Carol Schlievert
519-748-5220 ext 2390

Additional Program Information

Program Status
Start DateCampusStatus
SEP,  2017-AD Doon Suspended
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