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Food Safety and Quality Assurance - Food Processing

Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Program Code:
Engineering & Information Technology
Accelerated Delivery:
Academic Year:
2017 / 2018

About the Program

The Food Safety and Quality Assurance - Food Processing program is a two-semester, full-time graduate certificate program designed for students having a previous degree or diploma in science, food or engineering, and who want to be prepared for a career in the food processing industry in the area of food safety. The program offers a suite of courses designed to enhance skills and knowledge gained in previous education stages for direct applicability in the food processing environment with respect to food safety and quality assurance. The Food Safety and Quality Assurance program is unique in Ontario because students apply their learning in Conestoga's pilot plant facility, enabling learners to incorporate theoretical knowledge in quality assurance and food safety to the practical environment of food manufacturing. Upon completion, graduates will have practical experience in food safety applications in the industrial processing environment, a strong understanding of Canadian and international food safety regulations, and knowledge of the inter-dependence between cleaning and sanitation principles, food safety concepts and quality assurance and quality control elements typical of the food processing sector.

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Program Status
Start DateCampusStatus
SEP,  2017 Cambridge Open
JAN,  2018 Cambridge Open
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