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Payroll Administration

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Business and Hospitality

About the Program

Working within the payroll function of an organization requires a diverse set of skills along with specific knowledge and skills of accounting, payroll and legislative applications to ensure all aspects of the payroll cycle and compliance elements are met. This program will provide a solid knowledge of the payroll functions within organizations and the skills to perform the payroll and accounting tasks for manual and computerized systems. The program will also look at industry trends and best practices related to the compensation, benefits and payroll functions within organizations. Topics addressed will include the payroll cycle and related calculations, how to work with agencies to ensure compliance with all legislative and government requirements, and documentation processes.
Graduates will gain a solid foundation of the payroll functions within organizations and will be able to perform payroll functions for various organizations working with specific accounting systems and processes utilized in Canadian businesses. As well, graduates will provide valuable contributions to the interpersonal dynamics of an organization based on their knowledge of organizational planning and operations.
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