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Course # Courses Length (Hours) Distance Status
MGMT1370 Creative and Critical Thinking

Description: Today more than ever, leaders need to be critical and creative thinkers in order to deal with all aspects of organizational, strategic and societal situations. This course will build on the knowledge and skills covered in the previous courses. Students will learn how to think creatively and critically in order to apply those skills to their role in the organization, and their professional and personal life. These skills will assist the student with analyzing information in order to respond to a wide variety of work and personal situations.
Hours: 28
Credits: 2

28   Details
TRAV1005 Introduction to Travel Consulting

Description: This course is the first scheduled stop on your tour of the travel industry where you will explore travel agency operations including the important role a travel consultant plays in providing comprehensive service to various client types. You will learn to interpret travel materials and navigate the rules that govern different modes of travel. You will discern the purposes and functions of specific travel documents, customs, consulates, tourist boards, and Canadian travel trade associations. You will delve into the costing and selling of holidays and tours and investigate industry trends specific to Canada and U.S. that will lead you in the direction of becoming a savvy travel consultant.
Hours: 30
Credits: 2

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MANU1260 Manufacturing Fundamentals

Description: Learn the basic skills required to work in the manufacturing field. Discover the role of production design, process planning, and the heart of 13 different manufacturing processes. Understand why facility location and plant layout decisions are so vital and learn how job design helps you accomplish company goals and achieve worker satisfaction. Find out what makes up the physical work environment and learn how to characterize different types of production materials. Master product development concepts such as the voice of the customer (VOC), quality function deployment (QFD), and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). Learn how performance measurements and standardization improve manufacturing operations.
In this six-week, instructor-facilitated online course, you will learn how successful organizations use costs to communicate manufacturing progress and how to effectively develop short and long-term budgets. Also, you will discover how the application of technology turns an ordinary company into a high-performing organization. You will also find out how ISO 9000 and enterprise resource planning (ERP) make the most of a manufacturer's potential.
Hours: 24
Credits: 2

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