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Course # Courses Length (Hours) Distance Status
OLRN2000 Fundamental Mathematics

Description: Designed to provide students with the skills, terminology and the understanding of concepts in basic arithmetic and the metric system and to encourage good study habits and the ability to work independently. The main topics covered are – operations with whole numbers, fractions and decimals, operations with percents, solving applied problems involving percents, know and perform conversion between SI units, conversion between SI units and British or US units of measurement.
Hours: 45
Credits: 3

45 Yes Details
OLRN1077 Preparatory Biology

Description: This course is intended for mature students wishing to enter Practical Nursing or other Health Sciences/Health Care programs. The student will become familiar with the scientific knowledge of the human body necessary to recognize, accept and use the important principles in all phases of study in the Health Sciences. This course is not acceptable as a Science required to enter Nursing at the B.Sc N. level.
Hours: 56
Credits: 4

56 Yes Details
OLRN1269 Preparatory Physics

Description: The purpose of this course is to prepare students with the necessary background in Physics to allow them to enter the first year of a College Technician or Technology Program.
Hours: 57
Credits: 4

57 Yes Details

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