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Course # Courses Length (Hours) Distance Status
CODE1120 General Legal/Process for Inspectors and Designers - Refresher

Description: This 30 hour course addresses the following topics: Understanding roles and the legal framework of the Building Code Act, qualifications and registration under the Building Code Act and the Ontario Building Code, permit applications and the issuance process, exercising lawful entry, inspection and compliance processes, occupancy process, co-operation, conflict and dispute resolution under the Building Code Act, offences, liability and immunity from actions, change of use and renovations and powers and duties of the chief building official and the registered code agency. This course is suitable for individuals preparing to write the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing examination.
Hours: 30
Credits: 2

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CODE1050 Part 9: The House - Building Envelope

Description: This 37 hour course deals with plan examination and inspections of the house structure and the building envelope. It includes the following topics: An Introduction to the OBC; The House - General; Difficulties Confronting Building Inspectors; Reading Plans; Building Permit Applications; Site Plans; Footings; Foundation Walls; Concrete Slabs on Ground; Roof and Ceiling Construction; Floor Construction; Wall Construction and Other Structural Components.
Hours: 37
Credits: 3

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