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Course # Courses Length (Hours) Distance Status
CORP0200 Exceptional Customer Service

Description: One of the biggest elements in today's fast paced business world is the importance of good customer service. Poor customer service skills can be detrimental to a business as consumers are continually posting their experiences ( good and bad ) on line. This course will provide understanding of the five needs of customers, quantify the impact of great customer service on profitability, and develop strategies to handle difficult customers.
Hours: 7
Credits: 0

7   Details
CORP0210 Train The Trainer

Description: For new training professionals and for other trainers who want a hands-on understanding of the training process, this workshop has been designed to provide a practical, ‘how to' guide of the entire training function from needs assessment to evaluation.

This workshop will not only prepare new training staff with crucial survival skills, but also provide experienced trainers with the skills to ensure that adult learners get the most out of their training. You will learn how to conduct a needs analysis and select the best training strategy and use available tools to measure training outcomes. The participant will gain new skills and techniques to create a high impact learning environment including hands-on practice of training techniques, presentation skills, icebreakers and effectively managing the learning environment.
Hours: 16
Credits: 0

16   Closed

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