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Canadian Institute of Management

The Canadian Institute of Management (CIM) is a federally and provincially chartered association established in 1942 to increase opportunities for professional development. There are 16 chapters located across Canada. The Institute is committed to leadership in promoting management professionalism, efficiency, effectiveness and excellence in individuals and organizations.

Upon successful completion of the four courses and four elective courses, the student will have completed the academic requirement toward the C.I.M. designation. The C.I.M. designation would be attained once the student has completed the academic requirement and the practical requirement of two (2) years' managerial work experience.

CIM Required Courses:

CIM Elective Courses: Two required

The program is designed to expose students to the major areas of managerial responsibility and to enhance management skills of current supervisors and managers.

Exemptions: Students with credits in equivalent post-secondary studies can apply for exemptions from courses in the CIM program, provided those courses have been passed with a 60% minimum mark and were completed within the last seven years.

Request for exemptions must be made in writing to the CIM Head Office.

Canadian Institute of Management Course Equivalency Chart

CIM Required Courses
CIM Courses Title Conestoga Equivalent Courses
Introduction to Management Supervisory Practices (HRM1010)
Management Leadership Skills (OLRN1610)
Intro to Operations Management (OPER1160)
Managerial Communications Introduction to Professional Writing and Presentation Skills (COMM1500)
Interpersonal Writing & Presentation Skills (COMM1140)
Financial Management Finance I (FIN2020)
Introductory Financial Accounting II (ACCT1040)
Intermediate Financial Accounting II (ACCT2140)
Strategic Analysis Strategic Business Planning (MGMT3030)
CIM Elective Courses (pick two)
CIM Course Title Conestoga Equivalent Courses
Canadian Business Law Business Law (BUS2010)
Managerial Accounting Applied Managerial Accounting (ACCT2460)
Human Resources Management Human Resource Management (HRM2040)
Organizational Behaviour Organizational Behaviour (BUS1021)
Management Information Systems Business Computing Applications I (COMP1056)
Business Computing Applications II (COMP1003)
Economics Macroeconomics (ECON1030)
Microeconomics (ECON1020)
Project Management Project Management (MGMT2060)
Managerial Marketing Introductory Marketing I (MKT1040)
Introductory Marketing II (MKT1050)
Marketing (MKT2150)

Other subjects not suggested in the optional course list may be accepted if successfully completed.
Refer all enquiries directly to the CIM for acceptability.

For more information, please contact:

Canadian Institute of Management
National Office

15 Collier Street, Lower Level
Barrie, Ontario L4M 1G5
Phone: 705-725-8926
Toll free: 800-387-5774
Fax: 705-725-8196

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