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Supply Chain Management Association of Ontario (SCMAO)

(formerly known as Purchasing Management Association of Canada PMAC/ OIPMAC)

These courses are not eligible for PLAR.

Supply chain management has emerged as a fast-paced, global field with tremendous employment opportunities. SCMAO, SCMA's largest provincial institute, offers the most relevant and comprehensive education and training to prepare students and industry professionals for success within supply chain management.

Our educational offerings include:

  1. Certified SCMP Designation
  2. Certificate in Supply Management

For further details please visit
Christopher Lau
Coordinator, Professional Programs and Communications
Supply Chain Management Association Ontario (SCMAO)
1 Dundas Street West | Suite 2704
Toronto, ON M5G 1Z3
T: (416) 977-7566 x2145 |F: (416) 977-4135

No courses are currently available in this area.

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