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I would suggest she (the instructor) be retained for any future courses that she has time to teach. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience. The course was very interesting.

-Participant, Food Safety

Accelerating Business Decisions (MGMT0390)


Acquire the skills needed as a leader to accelerate in the decision-making process.


In today's turbulent, fast-flowing business environment, leaders usually don't have the luxury of time when making decisions. You need leaders who can quickly size up the situation, identify the most workable and expedient course of action, and then act - often without having all the data or the time to consider every possible option.

This course helps leaders accelerate the decision-making process, yet still make quality decisions in fast-paced environments with limited time and information. They also learn how to determine when it is appropriate to use this approach and when to slow down the process and apply a more traditional, analytical approach.


Attend This Workshop if You:

Duration: 4-7 hours

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