Great course! Will be very helpful in a workplace and in social environments.

-Participant, Personality Inventory & Leadership

Agile Principles Applied To Other Project Approaches (MGMT0550)


Even waterfalls can produce energy! Agile is not suitable for every type of project, and high performance. Motivated and self-managed teams are not exclusivly agile.


The application of agile principles like time boxing, iterative planning, collocation, face to face collaboration, flexibility to adjust to changes and simplicity; can lead to motivated and self-managed teams that deliver high quality products. Agile is a very effective approach, but it doesn't suit every project. Sound project strategy should select the right approach or combination of approaches that better adapts to the characteristics of the project. Applying agile to every project and to every stream of work within a project is replacing one religion for another, and driving a square peg into potentially round holes.

This two-day workshop will equip participants to define proper strategy for a project, selecting or combining alternatives that go from pure waterfall through spiral, incremental, iterative to pure agile. Once the right approach is selected, participants will learn how to incorporate agile principles in approaches that are not agile, using a weekly cycle nested in milestone cycles. Through a simulation exercise and working in teams, participants will use a schedule as a modelling tool that integrates all the knowledge available to the team, to make decisions and commitments that have strong buy in and likelihood of achieving success. The ideal setting for delivering this workshop is for a project team beginning a project.


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Duration: 15 Hours (2 days)