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(The instructor was) well informed, easy to talk to, and very, very helpful.

-Participant, Essential Computer Skills

How to Connect a Business Network (COMM0150)


Develop effective communication skills for competitive advantage.


Effective communication means more than just dotting the I's and crossing the T's in a letter or email. Communicating one's intentions is a fundamental component of success, whether it is making a sale or motivating employees, negotiating with suppliers or issuing instructions. It is indispensable in business. Fortunately, it is a skill that can be learned. This practical, real world workshop digs deep into the essential elements of effective communication in order to give participants a competitive advantage. This workshop is based upon the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the work of bestselling author Nicholas Boothman.


Attend This Workshop if You:

Duration: 1/2 Day

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