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This course allowed me to verbally express my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I was able to express myself without reservation that I will be judged by the way I speak. (The instructor) is a very good person to teach this course. Thank you!

-Participant, Essential Skills

Coaching for Continuous Improvement (HRM0080)


Hone this essential communication skill to assist others to realize their full potential.


Coaching is an on-going communication process designed to help individuals develop skills and abilities, confidence and competence. Coaching is used to encourage continued good performance, to correct deviations between current observed performance and standards of performance and to know when and how to push good performance into the realm of exceptional performance. This one-day workshop will help participants develop others to maximize their personal and professional potential. It will address skills and abilities, confidence and competence and overall willingness to take responsibility for one's own destiny. Participants will understand the role of coach as mentor and recognize their own strengths and limitations in this role thus enhancing the quality of the working relationship with their staff.


Attend This Workshop if You:

Duration: 1-Day

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