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The presenter really made the course worthwhile. The material could have been too simplistically presented or could have focused on basics only, but the instructor was able to elaborate on points and ensure the material was presented appropriately for every member of the class (excellent differentiation).

-Participant, Technical Writing & Communications

Goal Setting Fundamentals (BUS0310)


Learn the hands-on skills involved in defining the scope, prioritizing, monitoring and recording the details of a project.


Individuals and corporate teams can benefit from the unique approach developed in this workshop because it has three key elements which to apply both. Focus - clear goal definition, Empowerment - clear identification of the tools and tracking system required to achieve the focused objective and Persistence - clear priority of the task at hand relative to other tasks. This "hands on" workshop focuses on the individual skills of problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, job task planning and organizing, as well as oral communication and working with others. Participants will learn skills involved in defining the scope of the project, prioritizing, monitoring and recording details of their own individual project.


Attend This Workshop if You:

Duration: 7 hours

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