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This course allowed me to verbally express my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I was able to express myself without reservation that I will be judged by the way I speak. (The instructor) is a very good person to teach this course. Thank you!

-Participant, Essential Skills

Leading 5 Generations in the Workplace (COMM0160)


Learn to effectively lead those of different generations.


People are influenced by the times in which they came of age. This is the first time in history that businesses and organizations are experiencing the pressures and pleasures of having members of five generations all working at one time. Knowing what influences people's choices and preferences can reduce conflict, foster respect, create and support collaboration in order to improve efficiency. Participants will learn about the differences between generations in order to apply leadership techniques that will maximize the strength of employees no matter what generation they are from. Those who understand how to navigate these uncharted waters will enjoy more success and less stress.


Attend This Workshop if You:

Duration: 1 Day

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