(The instructor) obviously researched our company and tied in comments made throughout the day.

-Participant, Beyond Time Management Principles

Project Management for the Public Sector (MGMT0740)


Develop the skills required to increase competency in the organization, adding value to the work you do.


Project management is all about developing the ability of an organization to increase its overall competency in delivering projects on budget and on time - making results matter. Project Management in the public sector has become a process of implementation subject to increased budgetary constraints, and business strategy alignment. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the key elements of project management framework including: project stakeholders, project management knowledge areas, common tools and techniques as well as key project success factors. Geared to those who work directly in the public sector or those from the private sector working on public sector projects, this workshop is guided by the Project Management Institute (PMI) standards and provides a forum for best practice introduction and discussion.

Attend This Workshop if You:

Duration: 7 Hours