Great course! Will be very helpful in a workplace and in social environments.

-Participant, Personality Inventory & Leadership

Workplace Diversity


Explore workplace diversity and learn how to best function in a diverse environment.


Respect for others and the differences they bring to the workplace generates more tolerance and builds more productive work environments. But how do we get there? Communication and behaviour norms of the past are fast becoming obsolete. . . and “political correctness” has made some people worried about doing or saying anything, for fear it might offend someone. Our workshops explore the diversity that currently exists in the workplace, dispels some of the negative myths surrounding diversity and shows people how to best function within those environments. We need not be afraid to speak or act altogether and the workshop does not aim to “correct” any one particular group. Rather, when we have a greater knowledge of the differences people bring with them to the workplace and the benefits of those differences, we are in a much better position to work together with less friction and as a result, improve our collective productivity!


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Duration: 2 days