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Registration/Enrolment Information - Fall 2017

Note: If you are a student in an apprenticeship, McMaster, employment preparation or English language studies program, the process below may be different.  Please confirm with the records officer or program administrator/coordinator for your program.

Registration/Enrolment and Course Changes:

To confirm that you are on track for program completion, go to the Student Portal and check your progress report and timetable. It is your responsibility to ensure that your timetable is accurate and all courses are accounted for, including electives. If you have questions regarding your progress, please contact your program coordinator.

If you require a course change (add/drop), you may do so through the Student Portal beginning August 8, 2017 as per your program rules.

Approximate costs:

Students who are on academic probation may have additional restrictions placed on course registration and changes to enrolment. Contact your program coordinator and/or the chair of your program if you have any questions.

If you are unable to make your course change(s) through the Student Portal, you must meet with your program coordinator. Your program coordinator will determine whether your registration can be completed and approve the required Course Add/Drop form.

If you require a course change which cannot be completed through the Student Portal, you must:

For Doon and Cambridge campus programs:

  1. Meet with the program coordinator to confirm approval of your request.
  2. Complete a Course Add/Drop form with the appropriate signatures/approvals.
  3. Present the approved Course Add/Drop form to the registrar’s office staff.

For Guelph and Waterloo campus programs:

  1. Meet with the program coordinator.
  2. Complete a Course Add/Drop form with the appropriate signatures/approvals.
  3. Forward (by the program coordinator) to the registrar's office for processing (student does not need to attend the registrar's office in person).
    • Extra course fees will apply for additional courses (above the normal course load).
    • Part-time students must pay for courses at the time of registration.

Special Timetabling/Registration

Elective Selection - Fall 2017

If you need to sign up for one of your general education (diploma) or breadth (degree) electives, please review the information at the following links to help you make your selection:

Elective - Request for Credit Transfer

If you have credits from another college or university, you may qualify for an exemption from your elective(s). You must submit an official transcript and course outline(s) to the credit transfer officer located in the registrar’s office. Until your application is officially approved, you must attend class.

If a credit transfer from an elective is approved and you are enrolled in an elective course that you then wish to drop, you must withdraw yourself from the elective course manually through the Student Portal. Due to a high volume of requests it is highly recommended that requests are submitted by September 5, 2017.

Part-time Studies (Day Courses) Registration

An individual, who is not registered in a program and is interested in registering for a course delivered during the day as part of a full-time program, will be able to do so beginning the first week of classes if the course is available. Registration is based on space availability in the course(s) and prerequisites (if applicable) being met.

Programs with a Co-op Work Term

If you are not eligible for the co-op work term, or your plans have changed, please notify your Co-op Advisor immediately.

Student Guide

The Student Guide includes details on important dates, academic policies and procedures, fee information, services, student life and student rights and responsibilities.

Conestoga Email

Please ensure that you check your Conestoga email account regularly.



Details regarding OSAP loan information are available at Student Financial Services and OSAP.

Student Accident Insurance Policy Brochure for 2016/17

Information is available at Student Accident Insurance Information.


Getting Your ONE Card

All full-time students will require a ONE Card Student Photo ID. Please be prepared to show your ONE Card when accessing college services. The ONE Card is the official identification for all daytime Conestoga students and full-time employees.

*Please remember to bring government-issued photo identification to pick up your ONE Card.

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