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Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping

Conestoga College, in cooperation with the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping, offers a program leading to a career as a professional bookkeeper. CIB is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing men and women for greater financial and job security as a Certified Bookkeeper. The program is comprised of nine courses that include both theory and computer application.

Practical experience is required before qualifying for certification. Upon completion of the program, students will be governed by a Code of Ethics which sets out professional responsibilities and conduct. A grade of 65% is required. Certain courses may be subject to a time limit for registration.

Note: Students who have taken courses that were previously listed as equivalencies will still receive credit even though the courses are no longer offered, provided they are registered with CIB within the time limit.

For a list of accepted Conestoga courses refer to the Course Equivalencies chart below or visit the website for the Certified Institute of Bookkeeping.

For more information, please contact:
Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping
PO Box 963, 31 Adelaide St.E.
Toronto, Ontario M5C 2K3
Phone: 416-925-9420
Fax: 416-929-8815
Web site:

Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping
Course Equivalencies
CIB Code Code Course Title Online Code Online Course Title
Level One
CIB111 COMP1056
Business Computing Applications 1
Word Processing for Business
Spreadsheets for Business
OLRN1087 Computer Applications for Business 1
CIB112 ACCT1030 Intro Financial Accounting 1 OLRN1715 Accounting Basics 1
CIB113 ACCT1040 Intro Financial Accounting 2 OLRN1725 Accounting Basics 2
Level Two
CIB221 COMP1003
Business Computing Applications 2
Accounting Projects
Excel Core
Excel Expert
CIB222 ACCT2225 Accounting Applications 1 OLRN1319 Computerized Accounting
CIB223 ACCT2225 Accounting Applications 1 ACCT1080 QuickBooks Level 1
Level Three
CIB 331 ACCT1135 Introductory Cost Accounting ACCT1350
Cost & Managerial Accounting 1
Cost & Managerial Accounting 2
CIB332 ACCT1520 Personal Tax Returns OLRN2280 Taxation 1
CIB333 ACCT1110 Intro to Payroll Administration OLRN1051 Payroll Administration

Click on the course code or title below for a full description of the course. If available for registration, clicking on "Register" in the status column will open a new browser tab or window in the Student Portal.

Course # Courses Status
OLRN1087 Computer Applications for Business I Details
ACCT1350 Cost and Managerial Accounting I Details
OLRN1715 Accounting Basics I Details
OLRN1293 Excel - Core Details
OLRN1725 Accounting Basics II Details
ACCT1080 QuickBooks Level I Details
OLRN1051 Payroll Administration Details
OLRN1319 Computerized Accounting Details
OLRN2280 Taxation I Details
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