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The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario

These courses are not eligible for PLAR.

The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (ILCO) is the professional organization for Law Clerks incorporated in May 1968, for the purpose of providing an organized network for the promotion of unity, cooperation and mutual assistance among Law Clerks in Ontario. It is the mandate of ILCO to provide and promote general and legal education to its members for the purpose of increasing their knowledge, efficiency and professional ability. In addition, ILCO strives to advance and protect the status and interests of the profession. The Law Society of Upper Canada established the name Law Clerk and permitted use of this title to members of ILCO in 1968.

Litigation and Real Estate are offered in the Fall semester and Estates and Corporate Law are offered in the Winter semester.

The program is designed to enhance the education and skills of law clerks already in the profession, expand the knowledge of experienced legal secretaries, and provide the basic academic foundation needed for people with legal experience planning a career as a law clerk. All courses are offered jointly by the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (ILCO) and Conestoga College.

Prerequisite: A minimum of Grade 12 or equivalent and two years of legal experience is recommended.

Note: At the end of each course, there is a final exam that is uniform across the province and is worth 100% of the final mark. Persons wishing to write this exam will be charged an examination fee of $150, payable to the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the Examination Registration Form is completed and sent to ILCO. There will be no grading by Conestoga College for completion of the Law Clerk courses. A grade report will be issued by ILCO upon completion of the written examination. Examinations are written at the Conestoga College campus where the class is held.

For more information, please contact:
Anne Marie MacIntosh, Education Coordinator
The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario
20 Adelaide Street East, Suite 502
Toronto, Ontario M5C 2T6
Phone: 416-214-6252 ext.262 Fax: 416-214-6255

Online Equivalencies
Course Code Course Title Fall Winter Spring
ILCO0010 Litigation
Online equivalent OLRN0590
ILCO0020 Real Estate
Online equivalent OLRN0760
ILCO0050 Corporate
Online equivalent OLRN0600
ILCO0060 Estates
Online equivalent OLRN0610

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Course # Courses Status
OLRN0600 Corporate Law (ILCO) Details
OLRN0610 Estates (ILCO) Details
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