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Qualified Administrative Assistant

The Association of Administrative Assistants is a chartered, non-profit, professional association founded in 1951 with a three-fold purpose: to establish a national standard of qualifications for administrative assistants and senior office personnel; to reach this standard by providing advanced education; and to make management aware of the fully qualified administrative assistants' value. Seven courses must be completed successfully within six years to qualify for the Q.A.A. designation and certificate. For further information contact: Continuing Education 519-748-5220 ext. 3764 or or visit the QAA website at

Conestoga College offers the following courses that fulfill the QAA certificate requirements:

Compulsory Courses
Association Courses Conestoga College Courses/Course Code
Business English Business Writing Strategies COMM1865 OR
Business Communications 1 COMM1845
Organizational Behaviour Organizational Behaviour BUS1020
Supervision/Management Studies Supervisory Skills for Business and Industry OLRN1315*
Elective Courses
Association Courses Conestoga College Courses/Course Code
Financial Accounting Financial and Managerial Accounting ACCT1020
Business or Commercial Law Business Law BUS2010
Computer Technology - advanced courses in Excel, Access, or Social Media, Website Design/Management Database Management COMP2120
Advanced Word COMP1050
Advanced Spreadsheets COMP1060
Applications Software COMP2130
Interpersonal Communications Interpersonal Communications COMM1140
Economics Microeconomics ECON1020 &
Macroeconomics ECON1030
Event Management Project and Event Coordination MGMT1090
Human Resources Management HRM Principles OLRN1420*
Marketing Marketing 1 MKT1040 &
Marketing 2 MKT1050
Project Management Project Management MGMT1350
Psychology Psychology: Basic Processes of Behaviour PSYC1010
Statistics Statistics OLRN1790*

* denotes an OntarioLearn course

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Course # Courses Status
COMM1865 Business Writing Strategies Details
ECON1020 Microeconomics Details
ECON1030 Macroeconomics Details
OLRN1321 Human Resource Management Principles Details
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