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eConestoga Basic Orientation

eConestoga is our new learning management system, which runs on the Desire2Learn software platform. If you have not yet logged into eConestoga, the following video should help guide you through the process.

Core Features for Students

The following videos are available to help you log in and learn to use the most common features of the D2L system. Please note that these videos are provided by Desire2Learn, and that the visual design and layout of eConestoga may occasionally vary from what is depicted.

Advanced Features

These D2L features are not essential, but offer more options for students interested in leveraging Desire2Learn's full capabilities.

Tech Support

If you have any questions about D2L or encounter any problems logging in or using the site, please contact

When writing for tech support, be sure to include as much information as you can possibly think of. "D2L isn't working", while possibly true, isn't particularly helpful. :) Here are some examples of very important information you should provide when writing tech support e-mails:

  • Clearly identify yourself-- give your name and student/employee number
  • What are you trying to do? What is the end goal of your current task-- logging into a system, or getting a certain file out of a certain D2L course?
  • What are the exact steps you're following to accomplish that task? "I click on [link name], then on [another link name], then type my name in the [field name] box."
  • What are the results this is giving you? What should be happening, that isn't? What shouldn't be happening, that is? Are you receiving any error messages? If so, copy the exact text of the error into your message.
  • Does the problem happen consistently? If you close your browser, or reboot your system, does the problem continue when you log back in?
Providing as much detail as you can think of is crucial to getting a quick response. It is often the difference between us instantly knowing what your problem is, versus spending a week sending e-mails back and forth to try to clarify what you meant and what you're seeing.


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