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Degree Breadth Electives Course List

Browse the degree Breadth elective courses offered this term. 

Please note: offerings vary from term to term and not all electives are suitable for all programs.

For more information regarding limitations on taking a course for your program, please contact Jen Matthews.

Delivery approaches for the fall 2020 semester

Remote: Remote courses have the benefit of both face-to-face with the course professor (over Zoom) and online learning. Students will be scheduled into a set-meeting time (minimum of 1 hour) to meet online as a class. The remaining course hours will be completed online, with students setting their own academic schedules to meet course deadlines.

Online: Online courses do not have any set meeting times (asynchronous). Students set their own academic schedules to meet the course deadlines. The professor will give written feedback and guidance on course work.

All Degree Breadth Electives

Below is the complete list of Breadth electives offered at Conestoga.

Level 1
Course Code Course Title
CHIN71000 Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture
ENGL71010 Science Fiction
ENGL71020 World Literature
FREN71020 Introduction to French Language and Culture
GERM71010 Introduction to the German Language and Culture I
INDS71000 First Nations Experience
PHIL71100 An Introduction to Philosophy
SCIE71000 Introduction to Natural Sciences 
SCIE71010 Archaeology
SOC71045 Science, Technology and Society 
SOC71250 Introduction to Sociology 
SPAN71010 Introduction to the Spanish Language and Culture
Level 2
Course Code Course Title
CHIN72000 Chinese Language and Culture II
PHIL72700 Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
ENGL72200 Desire in Literature 
FREN72020 French Language and Culture II
GERM72010 German Language and Culture II 
MDIA72280 Introduction to Media Studies 
PHIL72900 Principles of Ethical Reasoning
PSYC72240 Psychology:  Dynamics of Human Behaviour
PHIL72130 Quest for Meaning
SPAN72010 Spanish Language and Culture II
ENGL72050 The Use of Laughter:  Comedy and Satire
Level 3
Course Code Course Title
SOC73140 Canadian Multiculturalism
CLSC73030 Classical Mythology
SOC73180 Conflict Management
PSYC73010 Cyberpsychology: The Self and Others in a Wired World
FREN73020 French Language III
GERM73010 German Language and Culture III
POLS72100 Political Structures and Issues 
RELS73100  Religions of the World: Eastern Traditions
RELS73200  Religions of the World: Western Traditions
Understanding Research
SPAN73010 Spanish Language III
PHIL73000 Thinking Through Zombies
Level 4
Course Code Course Title
FREN74020 French Language IV
SCIE74020 Assessing Emerging Technologies
SOC74020 Urban and Community Planning
SPAN74010 Spanish Language IV