Energy Systems Engineering Technology - Electrical (Optional Co-op)

Program Details

Credential: 3-Year Ontario College Advanced Diploma

This three-year program was developed to meet the growing demand for engineering technologists in electrical power, building automation systems and energy management.

The first two years of this program are similar to the Electrical Engineering Technology program and are designed to give students theoretical and practical experience on electric and electronic fundamentals, electric motors and control, programmable logic controllers, solar photovoltaic generators and transformers and their industrial applications. In the final year, students will specialize in wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, geothermal and solar thermal, power systems protection and control, smart grid, building and HVAC management, and micro-hydro systems.

Throughout the program, students gain experience in safety practices, safety standards and equipment, technical writing, and CAD.

Graduates have developed an applied theory and are prepared to perform technological functions in various aspects of the energy field primarily in support of research, development and design at a technologist level.

Student Availability

Conestoga College facilitates recruitment on an ongoing basis - there are no hard deadlines. Typical time frames for work terms are listed below.

Postings are accepted beginning four months before the start of a term until all students have secured employment provided the minimum 12 consecutive weeks of full-time work is met.
Work/Study Sequence - Energy Systems Engineering Technology
Year Fall (Sept. - Dec.) Winter (Jan. - Apr.) Spring/Summer (May - Aug.)
Year 1 Classes Classes  
Year 2 Classes Classes Work Term 1
Year 3 Work Term 2 Work Term 3 Work Term 4
Year 4 Classes Classes  

Work Term Capabilities

<;P>;It is expected that due to the longer period of time with the employer, students will be given progressive responsibility and/or exposure to new challenges as their skills develop.<;/P>;

Work Terms I - IV

Sample Job Titles

Energy Technician, Electrical Technician, Maintenance, AutoCAD Operator, Electrical Energy Equipment Designer, Quality Assurance Assistant, Preventative Maintenance Assistant, Energy Auditor

Program Courses

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