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Public Service (Optional Co-op)

Program Details

Credential: 1-Year Ontario College Graduate Certificate

This one-year graduate certificate program has been designed to meet the demand for the skills specific to working in government, the non-profit sector and public service related consultancy.

The program covers the inner workings of government at the municipal, provincial and federal levels with a particular focus on understanding ethics, policy, organizational structures, culture, and public leadership and management. Issues relating to conflict of interest, development of public policy, and the foundation of public accountability are addressed in detail. During the course of study students apply their knowledge with an applied policy analysis project in semester one, and with a capstone project in semester two.

Graduates of this program have developed skills in critical thinking, analytical communications, leadership, organizational development, and planning in the context of working within the public sector and are prepared for service at the national, provincial, and municipal level.

Student Availability

Conestoga College facilitates recruitment on an ongoing basis - there are no hard deadlines. Typical time frames for work terms are listed below.

Postings are accepted beginning four months before the start of a term until all students have secured employment provided the minimum 12 consecutive weeks of full-time work is met.
Work/Study Sequence - Public Service
Year Fall (Sept. - Dec.) Winter (Jan. - Apr.) Spring/Summer (May - Aug.)
Year 1 Classes Classes Work Term

Work Term Capabilities

Sample Job Titles

Junior Economic Development Officer, Community Relations Intern, Communications Assistant, Business Support Analyst, Policy Analyst

Program Courses

To see a typical course list for this program, see the current program course information.

Wage Data

Conestoga College collects data on hourly wages of co-operative education students. See the Schedule and Wage Data for details.

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Contact Information

Do you need help developing a recruitment plan or job posting, accessing wage information, or connecting with a talented co-op student? Contact:

Jeff Hoekman
Employer Relations Consultant
519-748-5220 ext. 2735

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