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What's Happening in Engineering and Technology?

Women in Technology and Trades (WITT)

Female students in engineering, technology and trades are still a relatively small demographic within the college. The Schools of Engineering & Technology and Trades & Apprenticeship recognize the need to support this group and enhance the feeling of community. The goal of WITT is to promote networking opportunities to encourage and support female students.

The WITT group holds events approximately twice per year alternating between the Cambridge and Doon campuses.

Go ENG Girl

Go ENG Girl provides an exciting opportunity for girls across Ontario in grades 7 to 10 to visit their local university/college campus with a parent or guardian to learn from women professionals, academics and students about the world of engineering.

While the girls enjoy fun, hands-on activities and student exhibits, their parents are treated to an informative session about the path to a career in engineering.

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Go CODE Girl

Go CODE Girl provides an opportunity for girls across Ontario in grades 9 to 11 to learn about the world of coding, software development and explore potential opportunities in the computing and engineering fields.

Go CODE Girl will educate, inspire and equip girls with the digital skills, confidence and resources needed to pursue education in technology, computing and engineering.

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Day with a Difference

Each spring, Conestoga partners with the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario for a one-day conference for Grade 7/8 girls.

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Secondary School Trades - Explore Your Future

Secondary school students have the opportunity to learn and work in a college setting, attending a full-day, hands-on skilled trades activity developed and delivered by college faculty in consultation with secondary school teachers. Students are also introduced to pathways that can transition students from secondary school to engineering, technology apprenticeship and other related college programs. These workshops encourage students to complete secondary school and consider engineering and technology post-secondary education as their next step.

For more information on this event, please contact your guidance counsellor.

Explore Your Future - Grade 8 Workshops

Each year, local Grade 8 students experience half-day opportunities at the college to explore careers in the construction, industrial, service, motive power and food processing trades and engineering technology. Students experience half-day, hands-on workshops delivered by college faculty that introduce students, and their teachers, to a variety of skilled trades engineering and technology careers and enable students to make informed decisions for secondary school course selection. The workshops encourage students to consider engineering and technology courses in secondary school and raise students' awareness and interest in the skilled trades.

For more information on this event please contact your guidance counsellor.

TNT Day Workshops for Young Women

Trade and Technology "TNT" Day activities provide various hands-on activities related to different careers in the construction, industrial and motive power sectors as well as engineering and architecture. Female students in grades 7 to 10 have the opportunity to learn and work in a college shop setting. Young women will be introduced to pathways that transition students from secondary school to apprenticeship or engineering technology or related college programs.

For more information on this event, please contact your guidance counsellor.