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Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)

College: CONS   Program: 1068C   Campus: CA

College Transfer/Degree Completion Opportunity

Graduates from advanced diploma programs in interior design with a minimum average of 70% are eligible to apply. Applicants must attend an interview and portfolio review. Transfer credits are awarded for diploma courses and students are placed into a modified year 3 of the degree program in September. Applicants must have either a 4U math credit from secondary school or equivalent math credit from their post-secondary studies. Applicants without the required math credit must complete an approved math course prior to being admitted. Options for this include:

Applications are made through by selecting level 5 of Conestoga's Bachelor of Interior Design program. Applicants are required to submit transcripts from their advanced diploma program, even if it is yet to be completed. Applicants will then be invited to attend an interview/portfolio review. These are held on an ongoing basis and can be completed in person or via Skype. It is recommended that an application be made before February 1st.

The portfolio must include studio work from the advanced diploma program and/or professional practice and should demonstrate a breadth of knowledge in interior design.

For more information, please contact:

Ryan Huckle
Program Assistant, School of Engineering & IT
A2205, Cambridge Campus
519-748-5220 ext. 3363

Julia Biedermann, PhD, PEng
Executive Dean, Schools of Engineering - Technology - Trades
519-748-5220 ext. 3212

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