Financial Emergency

Bursary for Exceptional Circumstances

The Bursary for Exceptional Circumstances is intended to support students facing a financial emergency during their study period because of events beyond their control. This bursary is not intended to cover the entire cost of an emergency or replace insurance (health, tenants, automobile, or otherwise), but to assist students to recover from the emergency in the short-term.

A financial emergency is defined as a crisis which could not have reasonably been budgeted for during your current study period. Examples include:

Examples of situations that do not qualify for the Bursary for Exceptional Circumstances include:

To be eligible for this bursary you must:

Students who are on a co-op term, completing an apprenticeship, or receiving Second Career Funding are not eligible to receive this bursary.

If you are facing a genuine financial emergency and meet the above criteria, please visit Student Financial Services in the Welcome Centre, Doon Campus (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or email us at to discuss your situation.

Additional resources

Below are additional resources which may be of assistance if you are facing hardship.

Conestoga resources

Off-campus resources