OSAP Assessment

When submitting your OSAP application online, the system will provide you with an estimate of funding based on the information you have submitted. Please note that this is an estimate only and can change throughout your study period based on adjustments to your situation and/or verifications that the Ministry performs.

The Ministry will check:

OSAP Application status

You can check your status through the “check status” link on your OSAP online account once you log in. The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities will send you a Notice of Assessment/Reassessment via mail or email when your funding eligibility has been decided.

Incomplete application

You can check to see if you are missing required documentation through the “check status” link on your OSAP online account. You can clarify this information if needed with our Financial Aid Officers.

If you have provided documentation and it is not satisfactory to meet all the requirements for OSAP, we will then send you a notice with the necessary details (through paper mail or email, depending on what preference you selected for your OSAP correspondence).