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Work Study

Work Study Application

Submit a Work Study Application (pdf) if you are being considered for a position at Conestoga College. You will be directed by college personnel to complete the form and submit it to the hiring department. Applicants must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or Protected Person, reside in Ontario for 12 consecutive months prior to commencing post-secondary studies and be registered in an approved program at Conestoga and demonstrate financial need.

The Work Study Program has been developed to help students who have a demonstrated financial need with on-campus, program-related employment.

Conestoga College Work Study Program (CCWSP)

To qualify for the Conestoga College Work Study Program you must demonstrate a financial need as determined by Student Financial Services. CCWSP funding can cover work study within the academic term as well as employment between academic terms.

Applying for Work Study Opportunities

For job postings and application forms for Work Study Program jobs, please go to MyCareer (login required). You must complete a Work Study Application (pdf) to apply.

Examples of Work Study positions that have been funded in the past include:

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