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About Us

First Gen: To be proud of myself!

Our Mission

To SUPPORT First Generation students in overcoming barriers and achieving their goals at Conestoga College

To INTEGRATE First Generation students into the college community and connect them with the services and opportunities that support their success at college

To SHARE the perspectives, challenges, and accomplishments of First Generation students with each other and our community

To PROVIDE meaningful opportunities for First Generation students to develop personally and professionally

Our Vision

Conestoga College will be known as a community that is welcoming and responsive to the unique experiences of First Generation students. The services and opportunities offered through this initiative will support the success of all First Generation students.

Our Values

Students: We respect, support, and celebrate the resilience, strengths, and accomplishments of First Generation students.

Partnership: We value collaboration with college services and all other stakeholders in the pursuit of student success.

Knowledge: We engage in research and evaluation to facilitate evidence-based decision-making and guide continuous improvement.

Community: We foster a sense of pride and belonging amongst First Generation students and within the college community.

Awareness: We encourage an understanding of First Generation students as a unique community with individualized needs.

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