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Health Office Administration

Ontario College Diploma
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2019 / 2020

Program Reflections

Rebecca Kaminska

Graduated From: Health Office Administration, 2015
I am a 2015 graduate of the two-year Health Office Administration program. The tremendous support and encouragement from the faculty and program coordinator throughout my time at Conestoga College helped me achieve success in both the program and my current employment.
The placement requirement is really what drew me in to this program when I was first considering applying. Not only are you getting the knowledge of the concepts from a classroom environment, but you also are able to apply what you've learned to a practical, hands-on situation. The program coordinator really works hard to secure a variety of placements in the community and is willing to take the time to help you find one that interests you. I was fortunate enough to obtain my placement at St. Mary's General Hospital working for the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC). Upon completion of my placement, I was immediately successful in obtaining an employment position with the CCAC.

Evangeline Biro

Graduate From: Health Office Administration, 2015
As a 2015 HOA Brantford campus graduate, I just wanted to say that the program was the perfect balance of health and office-related classes. The professors taught me so much more than just how to be successful, they taught me how to have the confidence in my abilities.
The classes are both challenging and interesting with the health care aspect delivered harmoniously with the office aspect of the program. I came out educated, more confident, and eager to continue learning. Coming from the new Conestoga Brantford campus, I had a lot of placement options that had not yet seen Conestoga College students!
I think this gave me an advantage because my placement was enthused to have a student from this program. Not only were there excellent options to choose from but the 8-week placement gave me a really great head start and the ability to apply all of the skills learned in class!
Because of this program, I felt job-ready, observant, organized and knowledgeable. Immediately after I was finished my program I acquired a casual position in Surgical Services at Woodstock General Hospital. I have the Health Office Administration program to thank for that!

Jennifer Wright

Graduated From: Health Office Administration, 2015
I just wanted to say an enormous "thank you" for your support and encouragement over the past two years throughout the HOA program and beyond that. When it came to my placement, the program coordinator discussed the options with me, broadened my view and took my best career interests into consideration.
The theory placement course was so valuable in preparing me for my placement. My final meeting with the placement coordinator gave me the courage to go ahead and apply for the job I wanted. This program as a whole far exceeded my expectations and because of that, I started a brand new career a few weeks after placement ended as a full-time assistant in Clinical Information Management at Homewood Health.

Program Status (Domestic)
Start DateCampusStatus**
SEP, 2019 Brantford Open
SEP, 2019 Doon Open
JAN, 2020 Doon Suspended
** Status applicable to domestic students
Program status for international students

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