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President’s Message

For 50 years, Conestoga has delivered career-focused education and training to support the workforce needs of the communities we serve. As we celebrate that anniversary milestone, we look back with pride at how the college has grown and evolved, providing opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds to access education that will allow them to achieve their potential and build successful futures.

We celebrate the achievements of more than 118,000 graduates and the tremendous impact they have made on the prosperity and well-being of people, businesses and communities across our region and beyond.

We’re also looking to the future, and developing new capacity to address the opportunities and challenges ahead as technological advances continue to transform our community, our economy and even the nature of work itself.

We appreciate the generosity of the many donors, partners and friends who have contributed to the success of Conestoga, our programs and our students. Your support is instrumental in helping students achieve their dreams and realize their potential. You are investing in their future, and the future of our community.

This report provides just a glimpse of the many ways your donations are creating new opportunities and providing our students with clear pathways to success.

On behalf of Conestoga’s faculty, staff and students, thank you for making a difference.


Dr. John Tibbits

President Tibbits  

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