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Finding a place to live can be a challenging task when you are new to Canada and Conestoga College.

Whether you choose our Homestay Program, on-campus Conestoga Residence (for Kitchener or Cambridge campus students only), or private, off-campus housing, Conestoga's International Education Office is here to assist you.

For more information on the various types of housing available, please click on the links below:


Conestoga College partners with Canada Homestay Network Inc. to provide our students with the best homestay experience possible.

Based on the information provided on your application form, students are carefully matched to one of our caring host families who will provide a private bedroom, food for three meals per day and Internet access.

Homestay is a great way for you to immerse yourself in Canadian culture and experience Canadian life in a family setting. It offers lots of opportunity to practice your English and improve your language skills.

Homestay fees are $775 for 4 weeks with a minimum 8 week placement required, plus a $220 placement fee. Once you submit your Homestay application online you will be sent an invoice within 48 hours which must be paid in full before you will receive information about your host family.

For more information or to fill out a Homestay application form, visit the Canada Homestay Network website.


Conestoga Residence is located within walking distance of both the Doon (Kitchener) and Cambridge campuses. Residence offers you the opportunity to experience typical Canadian dorm life with both domestic and other international students.

For detailed information on the campus Residence, current rates and an application form, please visit the Residence website.

Off-campus Housing

To find your own off-campus housing , try online searches such as Places4students, Kijiji, Craigslist and Student Housing. You may also go to our International Office Facebook page to see if anyone has posted an ad for available housing or is looking for a roommate. The International Office may also have information from local landlords (in the area of the Doon and Cambridge campuses) about their current vacancies. Contact us at for more information.

In general, rents range from $450 (single room) to $1000+ per month (one/two bedroom apartments). Only a very few landlords will allow single room sharing and most will ask you to sign an 8–12 month lease. This is a legally binding contract and by law you must fulfill the terms of the lease until it expires. Confirm that the location is close to your campus and know your rights and responsibilities by visiting Landlord Tenant Act information.

A few things you should know about renting:

If you have any questions regarding off-campus housing, please contact the International Office at

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