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Welcome to Connect! Leadership Workshops

Everyone can lead! You can make a difference through your everyday actions.

Connect is a series of 7 interactive leadership workshops designed to help you develop the essential leadership skills necessary to effectively participate in a rapidly changing workforce and world.

All workshops are FREE and delivered by experienced Conestoga faculty and staff. The workshops are organized under 3 theme areas:

  1. Connect with Yourself!
  2. Connect with Others!
  3. Connect with your Community!

Enhance your ability to positively impact others and connect with your college, local, and global communities with the Connect Leadership Workshop Series.

President John Tibbits

Message from President John Tibbits

"At Conestoga education is closely linked with business, industry and the community. The essential skills we teach in the classroom are reinforced and enriched by co-curricular opportunities designed to help you grow and develop as leaders within the workforce and beyond. Defining your personal goals and mission, understanding yourself and others, getting involved in your classroom, on your campus, and within your local and global communities are key factors to becoming a successful person in this fast changing world.

You have an opportunity while at Conestoga College to develop the leader that we believe is in each one of you. I invite and encourage you to enrich your employment portfolio and further develop your leadership skills through participation in the Connect Leadership Workshop Series."

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