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E-Resources for D2L

Create Links to Journal Articles

We will assist you in providing direct links to database articles for your lessons.

Alternatively, you can create links to articles yourself. To do so, you must:

Refer to this document (pdf) to review in detail the process of Creating Links to LRC Research Databases.

Refer to this document (pdf) for help Finding the Correct Link to articles.

Refer to this document (pdf) for more help adding the permalink in D2L.

If you need further assistance, your Program Liaison can assist you with locating the proper links.

Direct Access to E-Books

Our selection of e-books is vast: IT, engineering, business and more. Accessible 24/7 link your students to the perfect e-book right from your course page. You are also welcome to create e-book links yourself. The process for adding a Remote Access Prefix is the same as for articles (see above). However, knowing where to access the links if different for different e-book types. Your Program Liaison can always assist you with this process.

Recommended Course Resources at Their Fingertips

Quick access to the databases you recommend. We can help you select resources and provide you with the links for seamless access.

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